Parana River Delta (background/logo fill image)
The Parana River delta is a huge forested marshland about 20 miles northeast of Buenos Aires, Argentina, one of the world's greatest bird-watching destinations. This image highlights the striking contrast between dense forest and wetland marshes, and the deep blue ribbon of the Parana River. [Image and caption courtesy of USGS National Center for EROS and NASA Landsat Project Science Office]
Image taken 5/26/2000



Cyclones in Tandem (center image)
A cyclone is a low-pressure area of winds that spiral inwards. Although tropical storms most often come to mind, these spiraling storms can also form at mid- and high-latitudes. Two such cyclones formed in tandem in November 2006. MODIS, flying onboard NASA's Terra satellite, took this picture that shows the cyclones south of Iceland. [Image and caption credit: NASA] Image taken 11/20/2006